Plant a Spark
& watch your ideas grow.

Great ideas don't just come out fully formed. They grow and change, and eventually shape up from digging around and nurturing lots of little discoveries.

So, The Garden Agency developed a simple way of capturing those first hunches of ideas, so not one gem of a thought is lost - Sparks, which are captured and continue to flourish in a Spark.Garden.

It’s how we grow ideas
Why Spark.Gardens?

Grow creative confidence, mindsets and cultures.

In an increasingly complex and fast-paced world the ability to innovate and adapt, is both a strategic priority and a competitive advantage. Responses, solutions and ideas are vital to regenerate a business and it can’t just be outsourced. By using The Garden’s Spark method and putting people into situations where they can more easily collide with colleagues around new ideas, or different perspectives can be the first spark of change.


An epiphany, an instinctive feeling, an inspired idea - capture the emotion as a drawing, image or brief video with a short description, tag it and upload it to the Spark.Garden.


Share your thoughts on an idea, build upon another Spark of an idea or simply share your support for an idea that resonates with you.


Embrace wildly contradictory realities or simply mash together Sparks with the most energy and action, to form new connections, ideas and themes.

Great ideas from anyone, anywhere at anytime.

The truth is everyone has ideas, but uncovering their greater potential is not always easy to do! Often it’s not even about improving the creative thinking, instead, it’s about growing people’s confidence in their ability to generate creative ideas and express them - which requires the right environment, stimulus and support.

If you like to discover how Spark.Garden can help your next brand project. Let’s talk.